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$45.00 - $108.00/Roll
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Why Choose Us
Fast delivery,low MOQ,strong ability of R&D,much more competitive cost Visfilm is one of the most professional, powerful and influential producer and dealer of solar film in the glass film industry of China mainland. Visfilm combines research, production, sales and installation together in the operation of the company.

1.Science creates the magic of our film
Visfilm is fully aware that science prospers the enterprise. We have invested much manpower and resources in the research of the products. Also, we have trained many talents and progressed a lot in the research and development of the products. What's more, we have applied for 33 invention patents in glass film industry, 31 utility model patents and 29 authorized patents. Now our company has two glass film production lines and one of the production line which is capable of producing decorative film with a maximum width of 2 meters. Nowadays we have designed more than 230 patterns in the glued and glueless decorative films. At the same time we have customized product service with a minimum order of 100 meters.
We have also invested a lot in machines for solar film cutting, rolling and plating. Now more than 10 types of solar film cutting machines have been developed and put into large production. The machines are easy to use and are praised by our customers. Especially in film-plating we have an internationally competitive edge. The proud of our company, the machine with a maximum width of 2,200mm, automatically plates glue on glass film and is perfect in the use of large area film plating.
2.Market decides our destiny
After so many years in the world of marketing, Visfilm has developed his own market-oriented sale system and has a fully-grown structure in brand positioning, expanding channels and market management. Visfilm has many international sub-brands and the market of China has already recognized the value of those brands.
With the help of the experience in dealing with solar film for many years, together with world-renowned solar film producer and server, such as CPF, BSF and ABfilms from the U.S.A, NTECH, NEXFIL, TOPKOS and KSC from South Korea, OKE and LINTEC from Japan, we established our own solar film sales mode. Also, we dedicated ourselves in training best sales team for our partners.
Now, we provide more than 300 types of automotive film, building heat rejection film, explosion-proof film and industrial film. What's more, we provide custom-made products.
3.Future Plan
As a high-tech enterprise, Visfilm shoulders the responsibility of providing high quality films. We innovate for the needs of our customers; we cooperate with sincerity with our partners. For us, good products are not enough and we should be a good enterprise. Where there is a piece of glass, there is Visfilm.
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